Production Management Suite: Catering

DFM's Catering software can be a real boost to any revenue generating catering operation. Consolidate all your reservation activities into one central database, including room scheduling, food service requirements, table arrangements and audio visual. DFM will review available rooms and schedule your event in the most appropriate location for group size, desired room arrangement and time requirements.

DFM's Catering software provides a detailed alternative to traditional management of catered services. This enhanced DFM System option gives you the ability to control the scheduling and service of each catering reservation right down to the last piece of silverware. With DFM automation you will spend less time managing catering paperwork and more time managing your catering business.

Standard Catering Features

  • Keep all critical catering customer information – contact person, cost center, VIP status, fax number, and more – right at your fingertips!
  • Apply consistent reservation and service standards through pre-defined rooms, table arrangements, place settings, meal types, confirmation notice format and more.• Create on-line reservations for dining room service and pick-up or carry-up reservations.
  • Determine the "best fit" room based on the time of the event, set-up and clean-up requirements, group size, room availability and table arrangements.
  • Copy or extend reservations for recurring events.
  • Store past events on-line for your historical reference and event planning.
  • Offer catering customers either pre-defined or customized menus.
  • Calculate event cost and pricing based on food cost, menu item mark-ups, individual customer mark-ups, event mark-ups, or a combination.
  • Assign event charges on either a "per person" or "per event" basis.
  • Generate invoices for catering customer billing, and catering charge reports for inside and outside groups.
  • Produce a variety of reports to assist you in coordinating and successfully managing the provision of catered services from your department — production tallies, reservation summary listings of daily/weekly events, daily room schedules, taste and temperature audit sheets, place setting accessory listings, history reports and more.