Room Service Tray Tracking

Have you wondered what is taking a meal so long to get from the kitchen to the patients’ room? Is the delay during the prep time in the kitchen or at another juncture along the way? Now you can know without any of the guess work.

The DFM Room Service Tray Tracking Module is specifically designed to track a patient tray from pre-defined tray tracking areas (up to 10).  A precise audit trail of where your trays are at, i.e. printed, leaving kitchen, arriving on floor, delivered to nurses station, tray picked up, etc. is provided.

A barcode prints on the bottom of the expediter ticket allow the ticket to be scanned at each point during the trays creation and delivery process allowing you a complete picture of your room services flow, from order placement to tray delivery.

Scanning devices and docking stations are installed throughout your facility to manage the food from order to delivery. This helps insure the proper food is on the tray and that it is expedited to the patient while it is still hot and fresh. This greatly increase customer satisfactions and patient scores.

Each scan immediately posts to the screen with the ticket number, patient name and tracking point.  Full reporting subsystem allows for an audit trail.  Reporting is also available for average length of time between each scan point.

Common Tracking points:

  • Tray assembled (Expeditor)
  • Leaving kitchen
  • Tray arriving on the floor
  • Tray delivered to patient or nurses station
  • Tray picked up

A full reporting subsystem allows for a complete audit trail anytime you need it. A standard report is for average length of time between each scan point.