Room Service

Healthcare in the 21st century is more than meeting the needs of your patients, your goal is to exceed customer expectations and excel in patient satisfaction. DFM's Room Service software solutions equips you with the means to provide Five Star meal services not only to patients, but to employees and guests as well.


  • View the foods that the patient/customer is allowed (by diet, time of day and/or allergy restrictions) and make recommendations if the customer needs assistance choosing compatible items.
  • Type text messages that will print on the meal ticket to facilitate delivery.
  • Enter selections for future meals and specify the date/time for the meal to be served.
  • Easily add “write-ins” to a meal ticket.
  • Employees have the flexibility to pay cash or use payroll deduction for their purchase.
  • Employee meals can be expressed as delivery or pickup.
  • Employees who pick up their meals may have a discount applied.
  • Employees and guest can order form the same or different menus with separate pricing structures.
  • Guest meals may be billable or complimentary.
  • Time slotting allows you to have only a certain number of orders going to the kitchen for prep during each set time period.
  • This keeps the kitchen from being overloaded with tickets during peak meal times.


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