Diet Office Management Suite

DFM's Diet Office Management Suite is your solution for consistent, quality patient services. Diet Office Management Suite will help you capitalize on the knowledge and abilities of your dietary personnel, increase one-on-one patient contact time and heighten patient satisfaction with food service and nutritional care.


  • One electronic interface for ADT/diet order.
  • On-line storage and retrieval of previous admission dietary information.
  • Patient-specific menus printed for all patients, diet changes and/or admissions.
  • Patient-specific tray assembly tickets printed by meal in order of service, printed for all patients, diet changes and/or admissions.
  • Check+ Patient Menu Checking eliminates manual review and correction of each menu.
  • Patient menu choices entered via optical scanner, keypad, mouse or tablet.
  • Menus and tray ticket selections automatically modified for allergies, menu modifiers and/or food preferences.
  • Patient-specific cyclic nourishment labels printed for up to six periods/day.
  • Nutritional analysis of menus & patient intake.
  • Personalized on-site training and installation.