Point of Sale Charge Terminal

DFM continuously strives to meet the changing needs of our customers. With the increasing popularity of magnetic stripe, bar code ID badges, proximity readers, and the demonstrated reliability of DFM's cafeteria Point of Sale payroll deduction, more and more customers have come to us looking for a way to expand the payroll deduction options they provide to their employees. The result, our Point of Sale Charge Terminal.

The Point of Sale Charge Terminal applies a keyboard computer with a monitor as the charge terminal “register”. A laptop or Windows based tablet device may also be used. Adding peripherals such as a magnetic stripe/barcode reader or a proximity reader for credit cards or employee badges makes this a totally cashless operation. You may finish up the “register” configuration by including a receipt printer.  Employees can now purchase items using payroll deduction, declining balance, or credit cards. Patients and guest can also utilize the credit card feature allowing you to capture more revenue at your remote retail areas.

Ideal areas in which to utilize the Charge Terminal Program are:

  • Gift Shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Fundraisers
  • Coffee Carts
  • Book Sales

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