Production Management Suite

Food requirements from all service areas - patient service, cafeterias, coffee shops, vending, catering, and more - are all consolidated to simplify production an​d inventory con​trol. Interfaces to your primary vendors automate the price control and purchasing process, virtually eliminating the paper order. Think about the amount of time you could give back to your supervisory team for operations management instead of paper work!

The DFM Production Management Suite is the solution to efficiently forecasting and fulfilling all daily food production requirements. This software generates consolidated production schedules, yield-adjusted recipes, inventory requisitions and purchase orders to meet each day's forecasted workload. It is designed to operate effectively in both individual and multi-site operations using multiple inventory sites, ingredient rooms, prep areas and/or service points, and conventional or cook-chill production


  • Meets daily food production demands by creating production schedules, inventory requisitions and yield-adjusted recipes to meet the food requirements for patients, nourishments, cafeterias, floor stock supplies and catered events
  • Operates effectively in both individual and multi-site operations
  • Accommodates multiple inventory distribution sites, ingredient rooms, preparation areas, and/or service points
  • Raw and processed inventory may move along various paths between units en route to the final point of service
  • Quantity and cost of inventory and finished product distributed at each service point (cafeteria, trayline, etc.) is tracked automatically, so you know where and how your food dollar is being used


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