Diet Office Connect

The DFM Diet Office Connect Solution is affordable as well as powerful.

Providing all functions necessary to automate your daily diet office activities. From printing and scanning patient specific, diet-specific menu selections to tallying food requirements for production; from sorting patient-specific tray assembly tickets to printing customized nourishment labels for between meal snacks or supplements. A full spectrum of reports, listings, and worksheets are provided to help assess, manage, and enhance your diet office performance.

 Take a look at some of the benefits: 

  • View the food the caller is allowed by their diet
  • Enter selections for immediate delivery or future meals, specify date/time the mealis to be served
  • Enter text messages that will print on meal ticket to facilitate delivery
  • Easily add write-ins to meal ticket
  • Meal tickets print at appropriate food preparation area
  • Room Service tickets can be reviewed online and reprinted, if necessary
  • Patients learn what they can and cannot eat by ordering from a menu with lessrestrictions
  • Standard HL7 interface to download patient information from your hospitalinformation system into the DFM patient file
  • Secure access to patient master file of patient information (location, diet, etc.)
  • User and site-specific menus, card-x, reports, and much more!
  • Diet Order interface available as an add-on module

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