About Us

About Us

Since our beginning, DFM has been recognized as a leader in providing state-of-the-art software solutions for healthcare food and nutrition services and cafeteria point of sale operations throughout North America.


Our mission is to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective software system that improves all facets of food and nutrition services operations, and to complement each system with superior support and customer services.



DFM Technologies, Inc. was acquired in 1982 and relocated to Des Moines, Iowa, where the development of The Dietary Food Management (DFM) System began. Although our company pursued other ventures and developed successful new business operations over the decades, our commitment to the healthcare food service business operator has remained steadfast. Today our dietary food management software systems are used at hundreds of locations throughout North America to manage daily food and/or nutrition service operations.


The guiding principle behind the design of our systems is that the software should adapt to the user, not the user to the software. With adaptability and ease of use in mind, DFM strives to minimize data entry and manual communication, employing such technology as electronic interfaces to other information systems, optical scanning and portable PCs for patient menu selection entry, touchscreen point of sale registers, and bar code readers, to name a few. The DFM System is easily learned by those with little or no computer experience.


On the pages of this web site you will discover how the products and services of DFM will help any food and nutrition services operator:


• reduce expenses across the operation

• reallocate labor hours from tedious clerical tasks to customer care

• improve accuracy and consistency of service

• gain closer compliance with accreditation standards

• increase customer satisfaction


"DFM...In Touch with Your Business."






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