Diet Office Management Suite


DFM's Diet Office Management Suite is your solution for consistent, quality patient services. Diet Office Management Suite will help you capitalize on the knowledge and abilities of your dietary personnel, increase one-on-one patient contact time and heighten patient satisfaction with food service and nutritional care.

Diet Office Management Suite
  • Features

    • One electronic interface for ADT/diet order.

    • On-line storage and retrieval of previous admission dietary information.

    • Patient-specific menus printed for all patients, diet changes and/or admissions.

    • Patient-specific tray assembly tickets printed by meal in order of service, printed for all patients, diet changes and/or admissions.

    • Check+ Patient Menu Checking eliminates manual review and correction of each menu.

    • Patient menu choices entered via optical scanner, keypad, mouse or tablet.

    • Menus and tray ticket selections automatically modified for allergies, menu modifiers and/or food preferences.

    • Patient-specific cyclic nourishment labels printed for up to six periods/day.

    • Nutritional analysis of menus & patient intake.

    • Personalized on-site training and installation.


  • Benefits

    The Diet Office Management System

    • Reduces manual tasks and promotes patient satisfaction.

    • Automates menu and tray assembly process, production tallies, nourishments, menu modifications for allergies and preferences, future diet scheduling and much more!

    • Electronic interface automatically transfers ADT and diet order updates from the hospital information system.

    • Patient-Specific Menus printed for all patients, diet changes and/or admissions.

    • Patient-specific tray assembly tickets printed by meal in order of service, for all patients, diet changes and/or admissions.

    • Accurate and efficient nutritional analysis of ingredients, recipes, menus, and patient intake.

    • Helps you meet accreditation standards with the ability to nutritionally analyze your menu items using nutrient values of the ingredients used in your kitchen.

    • Integrates with the Diet Office System to automatically check a patient's menu selections against nutrient and/or exchange limits, automate calorie/nutrient intake analysis, and track patient nutritional history.

    • No more manual calculations or updates...DFM does all the work for you!

    • Items can be linked to the USDA database or manually entered.

    • Reduces the number of house diet served.

    • Updated patient information and menus at your fingertips.

    • Personal service by visiting each patient's bedside.

    • Collect patient's preferences, likes and dislikes.

    • Easy processing of menu selections close to meal times or from remote



  • Modules

Hear it From Our Customers

Thibodaux, LA


ThibodauxWith the implementation of Diet Office and Room Service automation, Thibodaux cut diet office labor by half a FTE through the use of the spoken menu with tablet PC’s at the patient’s bedside.

However, the most significant impact DFM has had on their operation is the reduction of time spent in the diet office and their increased accuracy of trays. Also, DFM’s payroll deduction feature has given their staff the ability to charge their meals, resulting in an increase in sales of 13%. DFM’s payroll deduction has also resulted in a reduction of fees paid to credit card companies by 45%, contributing to the overall effectiveness of their new retail operations.



Moab, UT


MoabDFM made ALL of our goals possible! The amazing staff there helped walk us through all of our needs and helped develop a program that would work for us!


The programs work well with each other and even let us switch patients from one service to another.


“We definitely made the right choice with DFM. They have been so willing to help us in every aspect along the way. The Customer Service we have received has been great! Thank you DFM!”

                                                            - Janel Arbon, RD, CDE

                                                              Moab Regional Hospital



Diet Office
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Diet Office Management Suite


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