Nutrition Management System

The DFM Nutrition Management System allows for accurate and efficient nutritional analysis of ingredients, recipes, patient and cafeteria menus, as well as patient nutrient intake. This helps you to ensure that selected menu item combinations will offer the desired nutrients for a particular meal or diet order. No more manual calculations or updates ... DFM does it all for you!


Standard Nutrient Analysis Features


• Nutrient Database


With DFM you may choose the USDA Standard Reference Nutrient Database or the Canadian Nutrient Data File, or you can manually enter in manufacturers labels as your source of nutrient information. Each database offers nutrient values for thousands of food items in raw or processed form. Nutrient information is provided in 100 gm, 1 LB EP/AP, and standard measures. Refuse factors are automatically applied where provided.

•Ingredient and Recipe Analysis


Nutrient composition of each recipe is calculated from the ingredients that make up the recipe. Changes to ingredient nutrient information are updated throughout the entire recipe file. When a recipe's ingredient, ingredient quantity, or serving yield is changed, DFM automatically recalculates the recipe's nutrient composition for you.

• Menu Analysis


Eliminate the time you spend manually calculating the nutritional composition of your patient menus for accreditation. Completely integrated with your Diet Office/Room Service Management System, the Nutrition Management System will provide an analysis of your default ("house diet") menus, or any combination of menu items you choose, by cycle day and diet type. Menu Analysis options can also be applied to the cafeteria menu for healthy eating promotions.


• Nutrient Limit Screening


The limit screening features are directly integrated with the Diet Office/Room Service Management System for automated menu checking. These options check patient menus to verify compliance with prescribed nutrient limits of the patient's diet order. Identifying those patients who fall outside prescribed limits promotes proactive dietary intervention - before the meal is served.

• Automatic Intake Analysis


Minimize subjective assessments and professional staff time performing hand-calculations. With DFM, a patient intake analysis can be fully automated. An Intake Monitor Ticket is generated with the patient’s meal ticket to quantify the patient's actual food intake for nutritional analysis of 21 nutrients - not just 3 or 4. The patient's intake history is stored until discharge, allowing intake analysis reporting for a single meal, day or period of time.



Nutrition Management System
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Room Service Nutrition Management

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Nutrition Management System


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