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Every year American healthcare institutions spend millions of dollars on the nutritional care and feeding of patients, visitors, staff and others. All too often, many of these dollars are wasted due to inefficiencies in production, repetitive labor tasks, and inaccurate reporting mechanisms. Many administrators look at the institution's dietary/food service operation as a necessary but costly department.


Let's change that view!


Why not envision a source of dramatic savings that can have a positive impact on your institution's bottom line?


Why not expect that food and nutrition services will set the standard for customer satisfaction facility-wide?


The DFM, Dietary Food Management System, software is the key to unlock hidden treasures and future opportunities within your food and nutrition services department.


The DFM System embodies a comprehensive approach to dietary food management that allows you to plan and control all aspects of your operation - from food production, inventory, purchasing, and cost control to effective patient menu management, cafeteria retail sales and clinical nutritional analysis. The System also provides a variety of management reports to show where your dollar is being spent and how it can be spent more effectively.


The DFM System was designed for you by food service professionals and registered dietitians. The guiding principle behind the System's design is that the software should adapt to the user, not the user to the software. Customization tools give you the flexibility to tailor the System to your unique requirements in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner. People with no previous computer experience can easily use all DFM System applications. The DFM System is installed throughout North America in hospitals and long-term care facilities of all sizes.





Hear it From Our Customers

Myrtle Beach, SC

Grand Strand Regional Medical CenterWith Dietary Food Management’s POS Suite, Grand Strand continues to grow its support of the Auxiliary program’s objective to advance their employees medical career paths.


Since implementing the POS system, gift shop proceeds have more than doubled, enabling Grand Strand to assist even more students. The team appreciates the payroll deduction feature and this offers an efficient way to generate significant additional revenue. Considering the fact that the Auxiliary has minimal fund-raising initiatives – including two small annual jewelry sales – the gift

shop is their main source of income.




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