Healthcare and Cafeteria Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Unlike other cash register systems, DFM's Healthcare and Cafeteria Point of Sale system was designed especially for the needs of a cafeteria food service operation and offers payroll deduction, billing, declining balance and general charge accounts, coupon usage, discounts/surcharges, and more. Touch screen technology is used to "ring up" cafeteria items on color-coded "keys" computer keyboard skills not required! The Healthcare and Cafeteria Point of Sale system has proven time and time again to increase revenue, reduce clerical efforts and increase the efficiency of cashier transactions.

  • Features

    • Alternative to a traditional "Cash Register" for tracking items sold.

    • Utilizes a personal computer as the main register component.

    • Touch screen technology is used to "ring up" cafeteria items on color-coded "keys" keyboard skills not required!

    • A cash drawer and receipt printer complete the standard register configuration.

    • Expand your register functionality with a food scale, magnetic stripe, bar code or proximity reader, display bar and/or coin changer.

    • Complete charge account options

       o Standard

       o Billing Payroll Deduction

       o Declining Balance

       o Gift Cards

       o Credit Cards

    • Live receipt functionality on screen.





  • Benefits

    • There is no limit to the number of cafeterias or registers that you may operate with the DFM Healthcare and Cafeteria Point of Sale system.

    • Menu and/or "key" changes may be made right up to the time cafeteria meal service begins.

    • Employee discounts and/or surcharges, meal coupons and group or individual charge accounts are all standard features available.

    • Each customer's cash and charge transactions are automatically posted to the cashier operator's ID (with password security) to provide you with data to evaluate and compare cashier performance and transaction handling.

    • Employee payroll deduction features minimize cash handling.

    • Increase speed per transaction.

    • Increase overall charge revenue.

    • Declining balance accounts may be defined for students, interns, residents or employees who wish to prepay for meal service and deduct from the balance.

    • Sales information is constantly updated from each register to the central database for consolidated reporting of item sales performance, register activity, cashier productivity, cash sales and charges.

    • Fully integrated with DFM's Production Management Suite and Nutrition Management System.

    • Cashless operation capabilities.



  • Modules

  • Hardware

    DFM can provide you with a computer to be your register or we work with your IT Departments current PC Unit provisions. All peripherals listed are provided by DFM based on each client's specific needs.

    • Posiflex all in one PC unit

    • Single or Dual Cash Drawers

    • Combo Mag Strip/Barcode Reader

    • Single or Dual Display Bar

    • Coin Changer

    • Scale

    • Digital Menu Boards

    • Laser Barcode Scanner







POS Register

Hear it From Our Customer

Elmira, NY


ArnotWith the use of DFM’s Point of Sale and Back Office system, Arnot Ogden Medical Center is able to track sales, change prices, update menus, send bills and manage payroll deductions, bringing ease to their cafeteria maintenance.


Arnot attributes DFM’s customer service as one of the key elements to the success they have achieved. “...everyone I have ever spoken with at DFM has been professional, patient and very knowledgeable.” writes Emma McLain, Supervisor and Office Manager. DFM’s knowledgeable staff guides them through situations and quickly pinpoints and resolves issues.


Arnot reports that DFM’s customer service and the extremely easy to use back office system has had a great impact on their facility.


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Healthcare and Cafeteria Point of Sale


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