Production Management Suite

The DFM Production Management Suite is the solution to efficiently forecasting and fulfilling all daily food production requirements. This software generates consolidated production schedules, yield-adjusted recipes, inventory requisitions and purchase orders to meet each day's forecasted workload. It is designed to operate effectively in both individual and multi-site operations using multiple inventory sites, ingredient rooms, prep areas and/or service points, and conventional or cook-chill production.


Food requirements from all service areas - patient service, cafeterias, coffee shops, vending, catering, and more - are all consolidated to simplify production and inventory control. Interfaces to your primary vendors automate the price control and purchasing process, virtually eliminating the paper order. Think about the amount of time you could give back to your supervisory team for operations management instead of paper work!


  • Features

    Production Forecasting


    DFM forecasts production requirements up to 28 days in advance from past and scheduled food usage data from all areas (patient meals, nourishments, cafeterias, catering, floor stock supply, vending, etc.). The Diet Office Management System and Point of Sale Suite automatically feed the Production System with detailed historical census and selectivity statistics to forecast future food production and inventory requirements.


    Daily Production Schedules and Recipes


    No Production Suite is complete without the ability to provide daily food production schedules and yield adjusted recipes in corresponding quantities. Recipes requiring advanced preparation or daily production are scheduled accordingly. All reports include assorted selections to allow you to choose a report format compatible to your operation.


    The DFM System accommodates conventional and cook-chill production variations. Foods produced to inventory will be automatically scheduled for production as the on-hand quantity nears depletion. Water-resistant labels identify significant product information, including preparation and perish dates, storage location and ingredients.


    Automated Purchasing and Receiving


    Food order accuracy is increased by generating purchase orders based on forecasted requirements and each vendor's delivery schedule. The printed purchase order is customized to print in your hospital's preferred format, or choose to send orders via fax or electronic interface. DFM purchasing automatically tracks vendor fill performance, returns, discounts, back orders, and cancellations, by line item and globally.


    Inventory Control


    Perpetual inventory levels are automatically maintained within the Production Management Suite through purchasing receipts and withdrawals of inventory. Daily requisitions provide a pick-list of all inventory items to be withdrawn for forecasted production. Advance withdrawal, to allow for thawing and/or pre-prep, is automatic. To reconcile your on-hand inventory, a physical count can be entered and a report of quantity and cost discrepancy generated. This report, and many others, provides information to effectively manage inventory turnover, usage and cost.


    Cost Control


    The cost of your inventory items is updated automatically through daily receiving functions and/or routine vendor price updates. An extensive collection of production cost reports, ranging from basic recipe and menu cost to forecasted service point and preparation cost, is standard with the DFM Production Management Suite. Additional reports provide cost of monthly inventory usage and purchasing receipts by vendor and/or budget category.


    Floor Stock Supply Management


    Get a handle on the cost and quantity of food supplied to nursing units and ancillary departments. Provide floor stock items by request only, through daily stock to par level, or a combination of both. Daily issue information is held up to 100 days to allow monthly or quarterly reporting in summary or detail. Historical usage is included in forecasted inventory requirements.


  • Benefits

    • Meets daily food production demands by creating production schedules, inventory requisitions and yield-adjusted recipes to meet the food requirements for patients, nourishments, cafeterias, floor stock supplies and catered events

    • Operates effectively in both individual and multi-site operations

    • Accommodates multiple inventory distribution sites, ingredient rooms, preparation areas, and/or service points

    • Raw and processed inventory may move along various paths between units en route to the final point of service

    • Quantity and cost of inventory and finished product distributed at each service point (cafeteria, trayline, etc.) is tracked automatically, so you know where and how your food dollar is being used





  • Modules

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Production Management Suite


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