The Building Blocks of DFM

This series will be taking you through the data entry steps of each milestone of the DFM System.

These webinars will be presented via Zoom and live use of the system.  Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.  Each presentation will also be recorded and made available at a later time for clients wanting to use them for refresher training or reference.

If you have new employees that are needing training or are thinking about starting over with your system, or implementing pieces of the software that you did not have in the beginning or are just getting around to using, this is a great time to get connected with our support team and ask about the series.

The first webinar was March 30th.  It covered the Ingredient/Recipe editor in its entirety.  

The second webinar was June 29th. It covered M#'s, Modifiers & Allergies.

The recordings for these webinars are now available for download.  

Reach out to DFM support for instructions on how to get a copy.

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